Timeless Fall Wedding Trends You Need to Consider


Trends can be timeless! There are some fall wedding trends that we see year after year yet they don’t get old. If you are planning your fall wedding, you might be looking for ways to honor the season. The items we are going over on this blog will stand the test of time when you look back on your wedding photos. Let’s go overcome timeless fall wedding trends you need to consider

Intimate Gatherings

Think about the fall months! This is the time when we start gathering with loved ones and celebrating together. Your wedding is also just that. Intimate gatherings in the form of micro-weddings or elopements are so special. Set a family-style table at your wedding and spend some quality time with your guests. More and more couples are choosing this form of wedding and we don’t think this trend is going anywhere. So, plan that tiny wedding!

Intimate fall wedding elopement in Tennessee

Seasonal Menus

The flavors of the fall season are also so distinct. Think warm cinnamon, pumpkin, brown butter, apple, and more. Creating a seasonal menu filled with your favorite dishes is a wonderful way to make your fall wedding stand out. Hello, pie for dessert. A seasonal menu is also an opportunity to use in-season foods for the freshest menu to serve to your guests. Planning that intimate wedding? Go for the plated dinner or family-style catering option. This trend is a crowd favorite.

Dried Florals

Dried florals add that fall style in such a modern way. Since fresh florals aren’t as abundant as the weather get’s cooler, these are also practical. They are already dried so if you know you want to save flowers from your wedding, this makes the process that much easier. Whether it is sprigs of dried pampas or fans of dried palm, the options are endless. Look at this option from one of our favorite local Tennessee florists, Thistle and Lace Florals!

Romantic Lighting

The sun sets a little earlier in the fall season. You need some good lighting to keep the party going. Romantic lighting options are a truly timeless trend. Add candles, neon signs, and backlighting to your big day. Lighting is also crucial when planning an indoor wedding.

Your entire wedding or portions of your day will likely be indoors due to the cooler weather. Read all about planning an indoor wedding to wow your guests after completing this post!

Romantic candles for fall wedding

Boots over Heels

Couples and guests are ditching the heels during the fall wedding season! Boots are in style every year no matter what form they are in. A boot is so chic and timeless. Add this accessory for extra style and comfort on your wedding day.

Want more fall wedding inspiration? We are covering more attire ideas on this blog all about what to wear to your fall wedding next.

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