7 Activities To Do With Your Wedding Guests in Downtown Knoxville, Tennessee

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Our indoor wedding venue is located conveniently near downtown Knoxville. We are just 30 minutes away from this unique spot! When you plan your wedding with us, we understand that there is more involved in your event than just the wedding day. A wedding is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with loved ones. If you are planning a destination wedding, many of your guests may be staying in downtown Knoxville. Looking for ways to entertain your guests in the city? Keep reading this blog for 7 activities to do with your wedding guests in downtown, Knoxville Tennessee

Visit the Sunsphere

The Sunsphere is a classic Knoxville attraction. The golden sphere was built in 1982 for the Worlds Fair Park. It is by far the most distinct indication you have made it to downtown Knoxville. Visiting this tourist spot is a fun activity to include in your wedding weekend. Visit the observation deck with your guests for a fantastic view of the city.

Visit Market Square

Market square is the hub of downtown Knoxville! This is location is the host of many seasonal events, popular restaurant, shops, and more. Visit on a Wednesday or Saturday morning to catch the farmers market! Or, simply walk around with your guests and shop. Then, you can grab some food and drinks at one of the restaurants in the square.

Explore Ijams Nature Center

Are you a fan of outdoors? Downtown Knoxville is more than just a typical city. There is an abundance of nature to explore. Go to Ijams Nature Center for an adventurous hike with your guests. There are multiple trails to choose from and unique elements to admire. Check out their website to find out more about this popular spot!

Go to Knoxville Museum of Art

Knoxville Museum of Art is the place to be! Admire local art at this gallery. There are different themes and artists featured so each visit to the museum is unique. The best part? A standard visit to Knoxville Museum of Art is FREE. This is a cost-effective yet entertaining way to spend time with your wedding guests. There are different events held at the space from time to time, so check their website before attending.

Brunch at Tupelo Honey

We had to provide some places to eat on this list! Tupelo Honey Cafe is a delicious southern style brunch spot in Market Square. Be sure to make reservations before you are ready to eat.

Grab Drinks and Tapas at Babalu

Looking for a quick drink break with some small bites? Enjoy drinks and tapas a Babalu. If you are feeling a bit more hungry, they also offer a full menu. This is a trendy spot that will please a range of tastes!

Ice cream at Cruze Farm

Dessert is important! Grab some ice cream at Cruze Farm. They offer the best soft serve in the city. Their secret? Fresh churned ice cream with dairy from their dairy farm.

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