What to Wear to Your Fall Wedding


Even as an indoor wedding venue, we understand the importance of honoring the season for your wedding day! From the florals to the menu, your big day will most likely be influenced by the time of year. Wedding attire is no exception.

Brides at industrial boho fall wedding in Tennessee

Show off your personal style and feel your best with our tips on what to wear to your fall wedding!

Keep it Classy

When the weather cools off, we start to see more and more black-tie events! Go for a luxurious and formal look for your fall wedding. Especially for fully indoor events, your guests will stay comfortable in their tuxes and gowns. Even if you like the idea of a black-tie wedding but don’t want to make it the required attire of the day, opt for fabrics like silk or velvet. You will achieve the luxurious seasonal aesthetic without feeling too dressed up.

Bride and groom in modern wedding attire for fall wedding


For your day to day fashion, you are probably swapping your sandals for boots! Why not incorporate them in your wedding attire as well? They will keep you warm for those outside photos. Not mention, they are so chic! We love the look of some fun boots with a wedding dress or tux. If you want to wear heels during the ceremony, try changing into boots for the dancefloor later in the evening!

Don’t forget to accessorize

Of course, we need to talk about accessorizing! These can transform a wedding outfit regardless of the season. There are two options that are especially great to focus on for the upcoming season.


You already know the importance of florals for decorating your fall wedding. The same idea remains true for your wedding style! Go all out with your bouquet adding in plenty of florals from the season. Focus on neutral colors and an organic shape to make it feel even more like ‘fall’! This is such a versatile accessory from the ceremony to couple’s photos.

Pro tip from a wedding venue: Done holding your bouquet? Throw them in a vase for extra reception decor! Use your bouquet on the sweetheart or cake table. Then, you can take them home as a keepsake from your unforgettable day.

Hair Pieces

During the spring and summer months, flower crowns are the go-to hair accessory. To add that something extra to your hairstyle for fall, try out some romantic hairpieces. There are so many options available to match your preference. From bold beaded pieces to delicate diamonds, there is something for everybody

Fall wedding hair accessories

Modern Gowns

Now for the wedding gowns! Modern silhouettes with details like tulle overlay, long trains, or lace are all incredibly popular for the fall season. The good thing about this time of year is that you don’t have to worry as much about the weather. The air might be a bit crisper, but you can still wear that sleeveless dress. Just keep a jacket on hand if the weather is projected to be cooler later in the day.

Modern wedding dress for fall wedding

Outfit Change

Fashion enthusiasts, this one is for you. How about an outfit change? Swap your ceremony looks for something moodier during the reception. For example, you could change into an elegant black gown in place of your classic white wedding dress. Or you could change out of a navy suit into a black tux!

Black cocktail attire for fall wedding

Looking to bring your fall wedding to life? Schedule a time to chat with us! We would love to host your special day.

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