Wedding Planner vs. Venue Manager: What you need to know.

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Congratulations! If you are reading this blog, you are likely newly engaged and planning your wedding. You have probably discovered how many vendors there are to hire and how much there is to plan. One of the first wedding vendors to book is your wedding venue and your wedding planner. You might be wondering, “If my wedding venue has a manager, do I really need a wedding planner?” Or, “Is it important for my wedding venue to have a manager?” We are covering it all today! Find out the difference in these two roles, how they work together, and why you need both in this post. Keep reading for your what you need to know about a wedding planner vs. a venue manager. Let’s get started!

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Do you need both?

So, do you really need both? I’m sure you can guess what we are about to say – YES. These professionals offer very different styles of support for your event. In very rare cases, the venue manager and wedding planner will be the same person. This is only if the venue has a designated person for this. Likely, these professionals will be different. Now, let’s go over exactly what other differences are and what their roles look like.

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is the main support for you and your fiance. They are there to advocate for your budget, your needs, and your preferences. This is their job throughout the planning process and on the wedding day. The wedding planner can communicate with vendors on your behalf and monitor all of the details involved in making sure your day goes exactly how you have dreamed.

There is so much more to know about working with a wedding planner. After reading this blog, find more details about this important vendor. Find out exactly why you need to hire a wedding planner after reading this blog!

Venue Manager

A venue manager is there to advocate for the venue. They will also be there to inform you and guide you on the venue’s processes. This person will likely be there for a portion of your wedding day. They are there to make sure the venue is in order, not to run your timeline or act as your wedding planner. The venue manager will make sure the temperature at the venue is correct, monitor parking, make sure the venue is clean, and more. You want a venue manager because they are an expert about the space!

How they work together.

How does a wedding planner and venue manager work together? They will communicate about the venue space and work together to make sure each party is informed. For example, the venue manager can answer questions about the available rentals at the venue or where the power sources are. Then, your wedding planner can use this information to coordinate your event and inform your other vendors. These two vendors work closely together and will communicate often. Don’t skip out on either!

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