5 Wedding Venue Secrets You Need to Know

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As a wedding venue, we make sure our communication with our clients is transparent. Even before you book, we are here to answer your questions and provide all of the information about our space down to the last detail. It is helpful to have some knowledge of what to look for beyond the basic information, however! Every venue’s process is different. On this blog, we are sharing 5 wedding venue secrets you need to know while you search for your perfect space!

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They might have onsite rentals available.

Onsite rentals might be available! Even if the venue doesn’t cover that in your initial call or tour, be sure to connect with the venue manager about this. Often, chairs, tables, and various decor items are available for clients to use when booking. For example, our venue includes many of those items and a custom round bar. Knowing this is a possibility will help you review all of the information thoroughly. Many times, these rentals do not cost an extra fee but every venue will have a different process for this.

Custom gold round bar at White Star Station

Start and end times vary.

The venue will likely have set start and end times for events. Don’t assume a timeline before discussing this with your venue. This should be covered in your contracts and early discussions! These set times are due to venue clean-up needs, local restrictions, and venue preference. Just like your other vendors, your venue will have a frame of time they are booked too. This includes any extra days booked or even rehearsal walkthrough times. If your venue’s time restrictions are different than some of your booked vendors, connect with your wedding team to set a timeline that works for everyone. You want to have the best day ever! Create a timeline where you don’t feel rushed and can include everything you want to in your wedding day.

They want to connect you with the best local vendors

A good venue wants you to work with the best team. A strong wedding team makes your day a breeze and it is ultimately easier on the venue. The venue wants experienced wedding vendors who are familiar with their space or the local area. At White Star Station, we always offer a list of our favorite local vendors to help our couples out! We are here to support the couples who book our venue in so many more ways than simply booking a space.

Pricing can depend on your unique date.

If you have never planned a wedding, this can come as a surprise. Depending on your date, some venue’s pricing will vary. High-demand wedding dates on weekends in peak seasons are often more. This typically means the fall season is often the most costly depending on your location. Slower seasons or weekdays are often less expensive alternatively. You can ask your venue if they have a set price no matter the date or if the pricing would change slightly.

Getting ready spaces may be available

A wedding day is more than the ceremony and reception! Many wedding venues have onsite spaces where you can either get ready for your day. Here at White Star Station, we have an entire suite dedicated to getting ready spaces. There are power sources, chairs, and lighting available to help you from the moment you step into our venue on your big day. Your venue expects you to want to use these spaces and wants to maximize their space as much as possible for you!

Getting ready space at Tennessee wedding venue
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