5 Aspects of a Great Wedding Venue

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Today we are going over the top 5 aspects of a great wedding venue!

Wedding reception space at Tennessee wedding venue
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Strong Communication & Contracts

From the beginning, a great wedding venue will stay on top of their communication. When you contact them through their website or on social media, the venue should respond back to you within no more than a week. During your inquiry call, they should ask you about you! This seems obvious, but many venues will go over all of the details of their space without getting to know the possible clients. You should feel like every vendor on your wedding team is invested in you and your fiance’s story – including your venue. This will help you avoid simply being another number and choose a venue that values your unique day. If you decide to book a venue tour, clear timing and directions should be provided to you. Not sure why you need to tour a venue or what to ask once it is time? Check out what to expect during your venue tours after reading this blog.

Brides reviewing contract for wedding venue option

Once you have toured the venue, spoke with the team, and determined an available date, you might be ready to book. Before signing anything or submitting payments, review your contract closely. This is a great task that your wedding planner can cover for you. They can also read your contract with professional eyes, catching anything that would restrict you or cost you money that is not necessary. If a venue does not provide a contract and simply expects payment, this is a major red flag.

Professional Website & Positive Reviews

A wedding venue should have a professional website for you to refer to! They should also have social media available for you to observe. Take a look at their packages on their website, browse through past wedding galleries, and read their blogs. Then, check for positive reviews. Search on Google and platforms like Wedding Wire.

Functional Space

Many venues are stunning, but are they also functional? Check your venue for getting ready spaces, bathrooms, catering stations, and parking options. You may ask your vendors for their opinion on the space for more insight. Think about what you are planning for the day. Do you want enough space for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception to all be set up separately? Or do you plan to flip the ceremony space for the party?

Wedding ceremony space at Tennessee wedding venue
Photo by Leah Bullard , Florals by Thistle and Lace Florals, Planning and Design by ‘Cause We Can Events

Ideal Location

Of course, you need a wedding venue that falls in your ideal location for your wedding! Think beyond the state. If you want to explore a local city with your guests and remain a short drive to your venue, search for spaces that fit those location requirements. In most cases, you will also want to love the surrounding area of your venue. Here at White Star Station, our clients adore being located in the heart of charming Downtown Maryville, Tennessee.

Fits Your Unique Needs

Every wedding is unique! Make sure your venue fits your needs and desires for your wedding.


Your venue must fit your budget. If a venue is just slightly out of budget, consider asking them about booking a weekday or different season. These aspects affect pricing so, if you are not set on your date, it is worth finding out about your options.


All of your guests need to comfortably fit in your venue space. Ask the venue about their capacity from the first inquiry.


Lastly, can you picture your design vision in your venue? Your venue should act as a canvas for your wedding. However, make sure you really love the blank space before booking!

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