How to Find Your Wedding Vendors (and book them!)

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Wondering how to go about finding your wedding vendors? In order to find a reliable team for your big day that also fits your personality as a couple, research is key. There are a few methods we recommend using as an engaged couple to ensure you are finding the best options. Today we are sharing exactly how to find your wedding vendors AND book them! Let’s begin.

Ask Your Venue

If you already have your venue booked, be sure to ask them about their recommended vendors! Many wedding venues have a preferred vendor list in place. This means they may even require the use of certain vendors. With a recommendation from your venue, these vendors will be familiar with the location and booking process. How easy!

Go to Instagram

Instagram is one of our favorite ways to find vendors. Utilize those hashtags! For example, you might search #tennesseeweddingvenue. Browse through the profiles that pop up, getting a feel for their work, style, and values. If you find an option you really like, reach out to them! Most vendors will have their email or contact link in their bio. If you already have some vendors booked, take a look at the profiles they follow for some more vendor options!

Chat With Your Wedding Planner

If you want to make the process as hands-off as possible, try to book your wedding planner first. Once you have this vendor on your team, they will take care of everything else! Your wedding planner can help research and coordinate booking contracts with your other vendors. They will chat with you about your vision, budget, and location to find the best team for your wedding. 

Join a Facebook Group

This is great for those that already know their location. Join a local Facebook group for vendor recommendations! You can make a post as a couple asking for the vendors that you need. These groups are also great for meeting fellow engaged couples and gathering more planning advice. You might make some great friends while finding your dream wedding team!

Check Wedding Planning Websites

Have you heard of Wedding Wire or The Knot? This is a tried and true option. Check out these wedding planning websites to find local vendor options. This is a great place for narrowing your needs down to the budget. When searching for your vendors, always be sure to read the reviews! These wedding planning websites are great for finding even more reviews from real-life couples. 

Browse on Pinterest

You are probably already using Pinterest for your design inspiration. Try searching for your vendors here as well! Type in the search bar the vendor you are looking for and your location. If you are a destination, search ‘destination insert vendor’. Look at the pins that pop up and click on the users’ profiles to find their website. 

White Star Station wedding venue Pinterest

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