How to Plan a Bridal Shower (with inspiration!)


So, you are planning a bridal shower but aren’t sure where to start. Whether you are the maid of honor or another member of the bridal party, this event is such a fun celebration. However, you need to know a few things to bring the event to life. Today we are sharing how to plan a bridal shower with some decor inspiration! Let’s begin.

Maid of honor pouring drink into champagne glass on table for bridal shower

Source Your Location

First, you need to find your location. Will the bridal shower be a one-day event or a full weekend celebration? Sometimes, the bride might plan their bridal shower in combination with their bachelorette weekend for the bridal party only. Do you want the event to be indoors or outdoors? Consider your budget, the bride’s preferences, and how many guests you will be inviting. You might hire a planner to help you out! They will know the best local venue and vendors for your bridal shower.

Create a Mood Board

Create a mood board to visualize your design vision. We recommend utilizing Pinterest for this! You can search for different ideas and pin to a designated board. Just remember to make your board a secret if this is a surprise! You can print out your ideas and create a physical board for reference once you have your aesthetic vision narrowed down. Both of these options will be great to share with your vendors!

Hire Your Vendors

You might already have an event planner hired, but now it is time to hire your full vendor team. This includes your venue! You sourced and toured your locations and you have your mood board. Pick the option that best fits your needs and wants. Most of the time, an indoor venue will be best! You and the bridal party crew can still capture photos outdoors.

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Here is a list of more vendors you will probably need:

  • Decor rentals: from the place settings, tables and chairs, to the linens, this vendor is essential.
  • Catering and bar: good food and drinks are a must!
  • Entertainment: hire a photo booth or another personalized option for entertaining the group.
  • Gift Bags: put together “thank you” gift bags for each guest with local treats and items to look forward to the wedding!

Send Your Invites!

Be sure to send your invitations at least 3 months before the bridal shower. This will provide everyone enough time to schedule time off work if needed and plan travel arrangements. No need to invest in physical invites! Send a virtual invitation to the bridal party and guests. Don’t forget to message the bride separately with just the time and date if this is a surprise. You will need to coordinate their travel arrangements if so.

Decorate & Have Fun

All that there is left to do is decorate your space and have fun! Ask the venue if you can arrive the day before or earlier in the day to decorate. We highly recommend hiring a planning team or enlisting the help of the bridal party to assist you. Be sure to hire vendors to take care of clean-up afterward if the venue does not include this.

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