What to Expect During Your Wedding Venue Tour

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On this blog, we are sharing what to expect during your wedding venue tour!

White star station Tennessee wedding venue tour
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Book your tour in advance.

Before we begin, you need to make sure you have booked your tour in advance. Remember, you are touring a wedding venue! So, you cannot drop by the space unexpectedly. There could be another event or tour going on. Also, most venues are not staffed 24/7.

The benefit of booking your tour in advance is that you will get to chat with the venue team beforehand to learn some information and tell them your story. This will help you prepare questions for the day of! Most tours can be booked through the venue’s website, email, phone call, or through a simple social media DM. Most venue tours should be at zero cost!

You will meet with the venue manager.

When you arrive for your tour, you will likely be meeting with the venue manager. This is the representative of the venue and will be your main point of contact moving forward. The venue manager could be someone you spoke to when booking your tour so you will already be familiar with them. They will greet you as you arrive and lead the tour. Since you have probably not been to the venue before, ask for their contact information in advance in case you need more directions.

You will look at every space at the venue.

While you won’t be going in the catering kitchen or wedding planner’s office on your wedding day, you WILL see these spaces during your tour. Of course, every venue includes different amenities so these are simply examples. Seeing every possible space during a tour will help you as you book future vendors and create the timeline for your day.

Indoor wedding reception space at White Star Station venue

Many venues include different spaces for each aspect of the wedding. You will be able to see the different ceremony and reception locations. The venue will likely not be set up for an event during your tour so be sure to browse the website and social media profiles for a clear picture.

You can bring your wedding planner.

Yes, you can bring your wedding planner! As a matter of fact, if you are interested in a venue that is out of state for you, the wedding planner can complete the tour on your behalf. They can snap photos and videos for you. If you and your wedding planner complete tours together, they are a great vendor to have e on your side as they understand your exact wedding requirements and vision.

You are NOT required to book.

If you fall in love with a venue but still have some more tours scheduled, you should not be required to book from a tour on its own! Ask a venue if they can hold your date for a limited amount of time as you decide. You will also need to ask about backup dates in case you need more time. We do recommend booking a venue you desire as soon as possible. Especially in the past few years, wedding bookings are more in demand than ever.

The tour will not take more than 1-3 hours.

A wedding venue won’t take more than a few hours. So, make a trip or day out of it! Explore the local city with your fiance afterward. This is a great time to scout rehearsal dinner and guest entertainment options.

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