How to Balance Wedding Planning with The Holiday Season

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It’s the time of year when the weather cools down and the celebrations begin. You might be in the midst of planning your own celebration in the near future – your wedding! Wondering how to enjoy this festive time of year while covering all of the details for your big day? We are sharing how to balance wedding planning with the holiday season on this blog! Keep reading for this important wedding planning advice for engaged couples from our indoor wedding venue in Tennessee.

Hire a Wedding Planner

You want to make sure you are working with a wedding planner. You will want someone to keep your wedding planning on track through holiday travels, work schedules, and festivities. Your wedding planner understands how to navigate planning through each time of year. They will be able to expect certain delays or unique schedules and plan communication accordingly. Your wedding planner likely works with a team so they can attend meetings you are unable to and keep your budget on track! You can celebrate without a worry and your wedding planning will still move forward.

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Create a Separate Email For Wedding Planning

While your wedding planner can cover communication for you with vendors, they will still need to share information with you. Your vendors will also remain in contact. This is why it is helpful to create a separate email for wedding planning if you haven’t yet! Around the holidays, you may be prepping at work for time off and the end of year. Wedding planning is also work at the end of the day. Don’t merge your personal email with wedding planning. Keeping everything separate will ensure you don’t miss anything and it can allow you to choose when to step into wedding planning mode.

Take Time Off

Speaking of choosing when to step into wedding planning mode, don’t forget to take time off! Don’t designate your vacation time around the holidays to only wedding planning. Take time off to enjoy a romantic holiday-themed date with your future spouse. Wedding planning is exciting but it can be overwhelming. Take time off to relax and trust that your wedding planner has you covered!

Expect Slower Deliverables and Communication

Just like you might be taking time off, your vendors could be as well. They also are likely prepping their businesses for the new year. Expect a slower pace as the holidays approach when it comes to deliverables and communication. This may be a conversation you have with all of your vendors so you know their schedule and what to expect. If you need to take some time making decisions or attending meetings, let your vendors know as well.

Cute winter wedding invitation

Gather Ideas For Your Wedding

Lastly, gather inspiration for your wedding from the holidays! Especially if your winter wedding is next year, you might find some decor or activity options to include in your big day. Pin all of your ideas to your wedding planning board on Pinterest. 

Couple touching noses at winter wedding in Tennessee
Photos by Sarah Edens Photography

Many wedding venues also host open houses around the holidays! Attend if you are searching for your venue. There are often drinks, raffles, and appetizers at these events. What a fun date day that also helps you plan your wedding! Looking for your Tennessee wedding venue? You can tour our venue for free anytime! Schedule your tour with us here. We can’t wait to meet you. 

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