How to Decorate for Your Winter Wedding

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It’s time to bundle up and make a mug of hot cocoa! Winter is here in Tennessee. If you are planning a wedding during this season, you might be wondering how to design it. Thankfully, you really can’t go wrong. We recommend finding inspiration on Pinterest first to grasp what your aesthetic preferences are. From there, you can work with your wedding vendors to create a unique event for you and your future spouse. In the meantime, we are sharing some basic tips on how to decorate for your winter wedding. As an indoor wedding venue, we know a thing or two about this topic! Ready to create your dream day? Let’s dive in.

Indoor winter wedding ceremony in Tennessee


Did you know lighting is not only functional but can completely transform a space? With the sun setting earlier and your event most likely being indoors, lighting will be essential. Add some moody backlighting and light some romantic candles. This is an easy way to make your wedding space feel cozy and intimate. You can even speak with your DJ if they offer event lighting. Changing the scene for different parts of the day will cue guests that the timeline is shifting.


Neutrals are a classic color palette for a reason. During the winter months, mix and match cool with warm tones. Then, add in a natural pop of color like rich green or blush. A neutral color palette does not have to be boring. You may choose some elegant metallics for more glam! For those that love the modern look, throw in a bold black color. From the ceremony to the table design, be sure to your colors remain consistent. Choose 3-5 colors you and your partner love as a guide. 

Add texture

While light chiffons and linens are the textures for warmer months, you have a bit more freedom during the winter. Go for dreamy satins or crushed velvets. Don’t be afraid to layer your linens and choose different finishes for your place settings (hello vintage glassware).

Texture can appear in the shape of your design too! Asymmetry is a winter wedding trend you should try out. This may appear through a floral piece of napkin fold. The different layers and products used to create that asymmetry will incorporate the texture your design needs.

Fresh Florals

You know we had to mention fresh florals! The leaves have fallen off of the trees and the sky appears darker. Brighten up your wedding day with some pieces of nature. Chat with your florist about the best blooms for your big day. We personally love classic roses and plenty of lush greenery. However, how fun would some pieces of evergreen or dried branches be? Many times, florals are the main decor element for many couples because they are so versatile. You can reuse floral pieces throughout the day to save room in your budget.

We hope this helps you create your winter wedding design! If you loved this blog, you will want to check out this modern romantic micro-wedding in Tennessee next.

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