7 Things to Do the Week Before Your Wedding

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It’s the week before your wedding, congrats! When this time comes up, you already have the majority of wedding planning tasks behind you. This is the time to soak in being a future newlywed. To set yourself up for success before your wedding, there are a few things to do. Let your wedding planner take care of the venue and vendor details and focus on you! Make these ‘weeks before the wedding’ plans in advance or designate a wedding party member to plan out these tasks for you. So, what exactly do you need to do as the countdown to your special day begins? Today we are sharing 7 essential things to do the week before your wedding!

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1. Pamper Yourself!

Now is the time to splurge on a spa session. Plan a pampering day with your wedding party or take some time alone! Get a hydrating facial and relaxing massage. This is a great way to take time for self-care while also preparing for the wedding day. With only a week before the wedding, you can go ahead and get your nails done. Ask for a long-lasting option so your nails last even through the honeymoon. Go to your salon for a fresh trim. There are so many options to pamper yourself before the wedding!

2. Write Down Your Wedding Packing List

While your wedding party might be helping you pack up all the items you need, you will thank yourself later by creating a packing list. Write down everything you will be bringing to the venue from your wedding dress to the decor items. Specify where each item will go and who will be in charge of it if applicable. Items like your wedding rings may be kept with your selected wedding party member, officiant, or even wedding planner. This way, nothing is out of place and the day remains organized from the start! You can share this list with your wedding planner for coordination.

3. Finalize Your Vows

It’s time to finalize those vows! If you will be reading your own written vows, don’t wait to do this until the day before (trust us). Write your final vows down and then put them in an envelope labeled to your future spouse. This is something you will want to include within that packing list. You will be surprised how easy it can be to write your vows the week before your wedding if you were previously struggling with this. Those happy emotions will help you form exactly what you want to say.

4. Pre-Write Vendor Thank You Cards

There is some more to write before wedding day! Write your vendor thank you cards and include their gratuity within the card if needed. A personalized note of appreciation will go a long way. Many times, you have been working with your vendors over a year in advance so they will love the sentiment! The right vendor and venue team will be invested in your love story, doing their part to bring your dream day to life.

5. Speak With Your Wedding Planner

It may calm some pre-wedding nerves to schedule a chat with your wedding planner! They will remind you of this list of things to do and let you know that everything is set for the day. You might discuss your weather plan once more for rain or snow. Your wedding planner will ask you for a final list of who would like to give a speech or toast for the DJ.

6. Get Your Wedding Rings Polished

Your wedding rings will be getting photographed too! Also, they will become a part of your wedding day style so you will want them to sparkle. Get your wedding rings polished and put them in their boxes to pack up to take to the venue. If you are wearing any other jewelry, you can get this cleaned and well and store the pieces with your wedding accessories.

7. Slow Down

This one might be the most important. Slow down and take a moment to breathe. Remember that you have a strong team bringing together your wedding day. Ultimately, this day is about celebrating you and your partner so try to enjoy every moment. If this means you need to take a day to stay at home and put a pause on pre-wedding to dos, go for it! Take time to meditate and relax.

Those are just a few essential things to do before your wedding! If you are looking for more pre-wedding tips and tricks, be sure to read about when you should book your wedding vendors next.

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